About Us

Meet the Owners

We’re Randa and Matt Clark, the local owners of Pet Wants Arlington Heights. We were drawn to Pet Wants because of the freshness. We had been looking for a fresher option to avoid the toxins and loss of nutritional value of traditional pet food distribution, both for our own pets and for the pets we care for with our other two businesses, Tailchasers Pet Care and Barrington Pet Resort, and Pet Wants was the right choice.

Matt’s background includes sales, marketing, graphic design, and web design. Randa's background is in education, dog training, and business management. Matt and Randa enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, and spending time with their two boys, Miles and Dylan, and their four rescue dogs, a jack russell, beagle, pit bull and shih tzu mix named Finn, a Scottish terrier named Lola, a Hungarian French bulldog named Jake and a German shorthair pointer named Floyd.

It is a difficult task these days to be able trust people and companies with your pet’s health and well-being. We understand. We love animals and we do what we do for a living for a reason. We started all three of our pet industry companies with the goal of becoming not only a trusted, accountable service that you can call upon, but also in hopes to become a part of your family. We look forward to serving you through Pet Wants.